Making Lists and Staying Organized is Key to Survival

If you are even thinking about survival and survival techniques then you are already ahead of 70% of the general population. Many people cam become easily overwhelmed when it comes to being prepared in a survival scenario. First of all, take a deep breath and relax. Start with the basics. I would first begin by creating a list of all the lists you need to make! Some examples of lists you should be thinking about include a water list, food storage list, first aid list, hunting/fishing/trapping list, hygiene list, fuels list, fire starting list, tools list, barter list etc. This is just a starting point but are some basic survival lists that you should be considering. 

After you create a few lists to get started, start saving and buying some of the materials. This could include rain barrels, water treating tablets, salt, personal items etc. Start small but steadily building the neccesary materials you will need and check items of the lists as you go.

Making a few small steps now will greatly help your productivity and readiness down the road. You don't need to get all the survival necessities at one time. Start shopping around and get the best prices you can. Gathering a few basic kits like a survival kit, first aid kit, water purification kit etc. will give you a great head start on the way to securing all the necessary survival tools that you need.

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