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Making Lists and Staying Organized is Key to Survival

If you are even thinking about survival and survival techniques then you are already ahead of 70% of the general population. Many people cam become easily overwhelmed when it comes to being prepared in a survival scenario. First of all, take a deep breath and relax. Start with the basics. I would first begin by creating a list of all the lists you need to make! Some examples of lists you should be thinking about include a water list, food storage list, first aid list, hunting/fishing/trapping list, hygiene list, fuels list, fire starting list, tools list, barter list etc. This is just a starting point but are some basic survival lists that you should be considering.  After you create a...

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Survival Kit Essentials

If you are attempting to create your own survival kit or bug out bag there are many items that you may want to consider. In this blog post we will be cover several types of survival tools that should not be forgotten. One of the most important items to have in your survival kit is a knife. Knives can be used for many things in a survival scenario including making a shelter, preparing or cleaning game, protection and creating a fire. There are many different knives on the market including fixed blade and folding knives. It is crucial to have something that's not too bulky as you will be carrying it around a lot and you will want to save...

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