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The Importance of Having a Knife in the Wild

If you could only carry one item into the woods on a survival adventure, what would it be? I have thought about this question long and hard, but the best answer without a doubt is a knife! Having a knife or sharp blade in the wild can be useful for many different things. Making a shelter, starting a fire and cutting up game to eat are just a few examples. When creating our 5-1 Survival Wristband and Ultimate Survival Wristband this was kept in mind. The result was a multi-functional survival tool that serves as both a sharp edge to serrate and a flint striker to start a fire with. Use the striker to strike the flint inside of the wristband...

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FREE SHIPPING to the USA and Canada!

We love our fellow survivalist customers and to show our appreciation we are now offering FREE SHIPPING for every order to the USA and Canada! No matter how small or large the order is we will ship it to you for free. For shipping to any other country there is a $10.00 flat rate fee. If you have any questions at all please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for checking out our new blog here at and stay tuned for more survival articles in the future!

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