What Is An EMP Attack And How To Prepare For One

We have been getting a lot of questions and requests to write a post about an EMP attack and for good reason! With all this talk and threats from North Korea many people are wanting more info on what this could mean. Let's start by answering a few basic questions.

So what is an EMP attack?

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. This pulse can destroy electrical systems and infrastructure even including the power grid which gives electricity to the entire country.

How does an EMP occur?

An electromagnetic pulse can occur naturally, for example a massive solar flare. It can also occur from technological devices such as a nuclear bomb. If several nuclear bombs were detonated at high altitudes over the USA, all un-shielded devices and every power grid could be rendered useless.

How do you prepare for an EMP attack?

Well you might as well start by throwing all your credit and debit cards away because they won't be any good. Make sure to have some cash, gold or silver which could be useful to barter for necessities. Use as many solar devices as possible! The sun can be used to cook food and solar panels can be used to make your own electricity. A few solar panels and chargers will go along way. Having a solar waterproof USB charger would be a great addition to your pack.

What about food?

Ok so let's face it. Your stash of MRE's will only last to long. It will be important to have a sustainable way to feed yourself and family. Learn about local crop production and have some choice seeds of crops that will be the most successful in your region.

Be prepared to protect yourself and property!

Make sure you have several means of protection for different scenarios and also a rifle or two for hunting. Get comfortable with your firearms and practice often. If it comes down to it and you are the only one in your area that is prepared, you can bet it will get some attention good or bad. Be sure you can protect your land and family from any threat.

While many questions about EMP attacks go unanswered there are several basic things one can do to be prepared. Hopefully we will never witness the true devastation of an EMP event but is always better to be prepared than not be.

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