Why We Now Carry Case Knives . . .

At Survival Wristbands we are extremely proud to be a Case knife supplier. We will now specialize in carrying rare and hart to find Case knives. If you are unfamiliar with the brand please continue reading to see why Case knives are the best in the business.

W.R. Case & Sons company, also known as Case or Case XX, have been producing handmade, quality knives for over 100 years now. Their knives are highly respected around the world by knife experts and avid knife collectors alike. Their main focus is sporting, hunting and collectible knives that bear classic designs that have stood the test of time through decades of use by many outdoors men. 

The business was established back in 1889 after the four Case brothers started to craft knives for sale to the wagon travelers in New York.  They incorporated in 1900 and later relocated to Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1905.  The team later began producing and selling knives to the military with the advent of World War I where their brand really began to take off.  

They use a wide variety of handle material including cattle bone, buffalo horn, mother-of-pearl and even precious stones.  The bone used by Case originates from Brazilian Zebu cattle which is far more dense than other types of cattle.

Each Case knife is handled by over 100 employees during it’s creation process over over 160 steps and this results in a truly impeccable quality control process.  What’s unique about Case knives is that they stamp each blade with a special tang marking that can be used to identify the knife and production date.  

Survival Wristbands will carry a unique, hand picked selection of quality, rare and collectible Case knives.

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